Demo Day - July 8, 2023

Join us July 8, 2023 at Manistee River Lodge from 10AM – 5PM as Ben Hunting from Emergence Angling Services will be on site with sample products from some of our newest product lines brought into the shop.  There will be a tent outside (weather dependent) in which Sage, Redington, RIO Products, and Fishpond USA will be displayed.  Take advantage of trying out new rods on the pond with casting advice from both Ben and Chelsea, experience different fly line tapers and determine what line works best for you and most importantly the rod you fish with currently, find that perfect reel for trout, smallmouth bass, steelhead, or salmon, or even chat about saltwater equipment and possible trips you might be taking.   

Breakdown of events throughout the day: 

10AM – 1PM      Trout / Warmwater Seminar / Conversations 

  • Leader Set Up
  • Dry Fly Fishing
  • Indicator Nymph Fishing
  • Streamer Fishing
  • Euro Nymph 

These set-ups are quite different and knowing when to use each technique can add to the success of your angling day on the water. 

  • Proper Accessories for each angling technique.
  • How to position yourself in the water for success.  

1PM – 2PM      Private Casting Class w/ Ben Hunting 

  • This class is $40.00 and will be limited to 10 students.  After the hour casting class is finished, $30.00 of the $40.00 will be offered as shop credit for the day!  All casting types are welcome, beginners, intermediate, as well as advanced as generally there is some advice that can help tweak any anglers level of casting. 
  • Make sure you use the FREE money in the shop afterwards! 

 2PM – 5PM     Migratory Seminar / Conversations 

  • Leader Set Up
  • Chuck and Duck
  • Two Handed Spey
  • Indicator Nymph Fishing 

Again, these set ups and uniquely different and depending on style completely different rod styles! 

  • Proper accessories for each angling technique. 
  • How to position yourself in the water for success.  

If you cannot make the demo day on Saturday, please stop by from 5-7PM on Friday for some brats and beverages!  Both Chelsea and Ben will be on hand that evening to ask questions, obtain information, gather tips of the trade as well as offer tours of the shop and lodging opportunities.  FYI, there are accommodations available for this weekend 😊! 

Sign up for the casting class by calling Chelsea Pete at the shop @ (231) 848-4844.   

Hope to see you over the upcoming weekend and we will have specials running throughout the day! 

Ben Hunting
MRL pond